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Outdoor Playground at Edmonton Kids Learning Daycare

Welcome to

Edmonton Kids Learning

Brand New Daycare in Northwest Edmonton


Our Infant Program is designed to provide a nurturing and safe environment for babies from 6 weeks to 18 months. Our caring and experienced staff work closely with parents to ensure each baby's needs are met.


Our Toddler Program is designed to foster independence and exploration in a safe and nurturing environment. Our program focuses on developing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills of children aged 18 months to 3 years.


Our Preschool Program is designed to prepare children aged 3 to 4 years for kindergarten. Our play-based curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop literacy, numeracy, and social skills through hands-on activities and group play.

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After-School Care

Our After-School Care Program is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for school-aged children. Our program offers a variety of activities, including homework help, outdoor play, and arts and crafts.

Edmonton Kids Learning programs for Infants

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a holistic development of the child by giving them age- appropriate learning, interesting, fun, and enjoyable activities that are based on their interests. We recognize that children have individual learning styles. Our program and philosophy are flexible according to the children’s individual and families’ needs. We believe in partnering with our parents to promote and enhance the child ‘s growth and development.

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