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Our Programs

Fun & Learning


At Edmonton Kids Learning, we provide quality daycare services for children of all ages. Our trained staff ensure that your child is in a safe and nurturing environment, where they can learn and grow.

After-School Care

We offer after-school care services that cater to your child's needs. Our programs are designed to provide a fun and educational experience for your child, while you attend to your work and other responsibilities.

Creative Activities

We believe in providing a well-rounded experience for your child. Our creative activities include art, music, and movement, which help develop your child's cognitive and motor skills.

Language Development

We understand the importance of language development in young children. Our programs include language activities that help your child develop their communication and vocabulary skills.


Our programs include mathematics activities that help your child develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Outdoor Play

We provide ample opportunities for outdoor play, which helps your child develop their physical and social skills. Our outdoor play area is safe and secure, and is supervised by our trained staff.

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