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Daycare Programs

Providing a Safe and Fun Learning Environment

Infant Daycare Programs at Edmonton Daycare

Infants (6 weeks - 18 months)

Our infant program provides a warm and nurturing environment for your little ones to grow and thrive. Our staff is trained to provide the specialized care that infants need, including diaper changes, feeding, and nap time. We also provide daily updates on your child's activities and progress, so you can stay connected even while you're away.

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Toddlers (18 months - 3 years)

Our toddler program is designed to encourage exploration and learning through play. We offer a variety of activities and materials that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our staff works closely with parents to ensure that each child's individual needs are met.

Toddlers Daycare in Edmonton Northwest
Pre-School Programs at Edmonton Kids Learning

Preschool (3 years - 4 years)

Our preschool program prepares children for kindergarten by focusing on early literacy, math, and social skills. We use a play-based approach to learning that encourages creativity and curiosity. Our teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with young children.

Pre-K (4 years - 5 years)

Our pre-K program is designed to give children a head start in their academic and social development. We focus on building strong foundations in reading, writing, and math, while also promoting social skills such as cooperation and empathy. Our curriculum is aligned with the Alberta Education Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework.

Pre-K daycare programs in Edmonton Kids Learning
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